Motor City Riot


About MCR

Motor City Riot a group of people who all bond through our love of mopeds. We are riders, wrenchers, enthusiasts, and all-around rad duders from the Motor City. MCR is an organized group in Detroit Michigan sustaining resolve through mutual respect for co-drafted bylaws.

Generally, we meet around a couple to a few times per week to ride ‘n’ wrench. Our club throws an annual moped rally now infamously known as “You Probably Won’t Get Murdered”, where we show off our mopeds, friends, and city that we love. We embrace the moped culture in its entirety and love being active within the community while generating excitement in others to do the same.

It is very important to us as a club to treat all members, friends, and event attendees with respect and love. As a club, we thrive on personal interaction with other moped bros, broettes, and clubs. You may have met us or most likely have heard of us. If you haven't, we hope to change that very soon. Let’s ride!